Activity Program

We believe that a major component of living well is staying interested, and being both physical and mentally active. To that end, we will have a full time activities director whose aim will be to provide a variety of events and activities to satisfy the interests of our residents. Of course we know not every activity will interest every resident. Some will enjoy card parties, other will always be included in our guest lecturer series, and still others will be early for every exercise class while some will only be early for dinner! It will be up to the individual to pick and choose from the daily offering which items they will attend.

The schedule will be posted for the coming month in our monthly newsletter, the Fox Tale. This will ensure that you have lots of time to consider the options, sign up and write them on your personal calendar!

And everything doesn’t take place at FoxRun. We will have regular transportation to shopping and the casino for those who are interested and seasonal trips as well to plays, shows and scenic getaways. Day trips for shopping and the casino run are included with your monthly fee but longer day and overnight tours will be at nominal cost to cover expenses.

A Brief History of FoxRun

FoxRun is a privately held, locally-owned company located in the beautiful 1000 Islands.

Owner Heather Howard was searching for a residence that combined a lovely facility with a caring staff in 2000 when her mother was ready to move. While they found many tastefully decorated buildings, they lacked the warmth and respect for the residents that they felt so important. In 2001, her mother passed away. But the dream to build a residence that would have been what her mother wanted, lived on.

Located in quaint Gananoque, Ontario

FoxRun is about two kilometres east of Gananoque on the north side of the 1000 Islands Parkway overlooking the St. Lawrence River. We are about two kilometres away from Hwy 401 at Exit 648 for easy access to Kingston and Brockville.

Gananoque is a lovely community situated in the heart of the 1000 Islands and boasts tourism as its major employer. There is a lot to do and it is quickly becoming a retirement hub for people from Toronto, Ottawa and Montreal. It boasts boat tours, 1000 Islands Playhouse, a full service casino as well as an excellent selection of restaurants and shops.

Come by for a tour!

We would love to have you drop by for a tour. While showing you the wonderful facility of FoxRun, we can answer your questions and host you for lunch or dinner. It would be our pleasure.

A family atmosphere where all are welcomed

Before construction began, we wanted one thing – to provide seniors in our area with a home where they would be proud to bring their friends and families and where they would live with dignity and respect and enjoy life.

Our residents tell us they feel we are on the right track! It isn’t enough to have a beautiful building with state of the art facilities – it must have a staff who shares the dream. Our staff is hired for “care-acter” as well as skills. It takes both to be the kind of people we need to make FoxRun the special place we want it to be. We want to combine the feel of a four star hotel with the coziness of a family home where everyone knows WHO you are and really care HOW you are! While you may well be part of a family outside of FoxRun, once you move in you become part of our “FoxRun Family”.

Accessibility Committment

FoxRun Retirement Residence strives to be accessible to all people. We offer our services to people who have different needs – should you wish to learn more about our accessible customer service please contact us by telephone at 613.382.8448, or by email at or in person at 104 1000 Islands Parkway, Gananoque, ON. Once we understand your needs, we will endeavor to provide you with service in a manner that best suits you!